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Membership Services

If your association needs to administer itself and its membership, but has insufficient in–house human resources or skills, NomadIT can run things on the your behalf. We bring our experience of working for several associations across the sector, to each association we work for: sharing knowledge, tools and solutions in order to function as the association’s administrators.

We can take care of your member administration needs, such as:

  • invoice, gather and receipt membership subscriptions
  • maintain a membership database and run a membership directory of skills and knowledge
  • communicate with members on behalf the organisation, through email, newsletters and social media
  • tend to the bank accounts, card processors and finances of the association in liaison with the association treasurer
  • maintain and update the association website(s) and email accounts/lists
  • oversee Trustee elections and advise Trustees on all administrative matters
  • protect membership data through frequent backup procedures

Contact and membership data (but no important financial data) is held within our bespoke online membership database, which holds details of over 8000 members on behalf of seven associations, and is fully GDPR-compliant.

NomadIT's support has been invaluable for professionalization of our association and crucial for SIEF's development. The numbers of our members, the influence of our biennial congresses, as well as the Society's financial stability, have grown steadily since hiring NomadIT.

Nevena Škrbić Alempijević, SIEF president

Our complete range of membership services

  • membership application form;
  • subscription invoicing;
  • invoice chasing;
  • payment receipting;
  • annual budget creation and monitoring;
  • bank and payment processor accounts administration;
  • email account and mailing list hosting and management;
  • email communication;
  • newsletter design and distribution;
  • social media channel setup and maintenance;
  • membership surveys and elections/ballots;
  • advice to trustees;
  • association website hosting, design, maintenance,backup and updates;
  • member-only web pages;
  • a searchable membership directory


Price scales with membership number and the number of services availed of. We can supply interested associations with a pricing spreadsheet which would enable them to estimate annual administration costs. Our fee currently ranges from £8-16/member/year (plus VAT).