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Our Ethos


There are obvious environmental advantages in remote-working and appropriate use of new technologies. We try to minimise travel in our work, and use land and public transport wherever possible. We have always encouraged our clients to change both their administrative and event cultures: while email/web distribution has long been the norm and online meetings have gained acceptance as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, there is always more one can do. Conferences are often unnecessarily consumptive, and we suggest ways to change that. From carbon-footprint analyses to nearly-carbon-neutral (NCN) panels, we stay abreast of the latest innovations. We suggest clients carbon-offset while also reducing an event's footprint. For years we've been recycling badges, using bamboo lanyards, printing on recycled stock using wind energy and vegetable dye inks, using servers that use renewable energy or credits, and pushing vegan catering. And since 2020 we've been delivering successful online events and fully hybrid conferences.


Who we work with and what they wish to achieve is important to us. We have to like our clients and sympathise/agree with what they do; we want to work in a spirit of cooperation, understanding and trust; we wish our knowledge and experience to be respected. The overall 'end' as well as the 'means' of what we do should be of benefit, and not cause harm. That is why we tend to work with not-for-profit clients, preferably those working towards human development and education.


We encourage clients to adopt financial approaches founded on a ‘pay according to your means’ principle, recognising the diversity of their members/community, the strong element of precarity within academia, and the high overall participation costs of academic conferences. In our communication with members we aim to be caring, empathetic and supportive; and in our advice to association executives, we try to remind them of the more marginal (potential) members/delegates and to take steps to improve accessibility and increase diversity. NomadIT has always used ethical banking and encourages clients to do likewise. We increasingly utilise open source software in place of the tech giant solutions, in the technology we deploy to administer client associations and events.