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Testimonials in full

NomadIT has been a leading provider of conference organisation, IT, website and general event management to anthropology in the UK and Europe for twenty years. The Royal Anthropological Institute has worked with them throughout this time, always with perfect success. It is sometimes said that anthropology would collapse without NomadIT. This is perhaps an exaggeration, but it does show just how much anthropology and the RAI owes to this firm, and we cannot recommend them highly enough. David Shankland, Director of Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI)

David Shankland, Director of Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI)

Working with the fabulous team of NomadIT proved to be the most calming force in the tohuwabohu created in the long process of organizing a large international conference - in my case the SIEF Congress 2017 in Göttingen. Individual members of team NomadIT are specialized in particular facets of conference planning while each being aware of the needs in the overall organization. From the call for papers to programming, from planning the budget to registering participants, and collecting fees, all the way to scouting the location well ahead of time, training local staff just shortly before the event begins, and assisting panel chairs in countless parallel sessions to handle the technology: NomadIT had us covered.

The scientific programming remains firmly in the hands of the scholars, but NomadIT arranges the submitted material in a convenient form, and structures the timing of the evaluation processes. It is a truly wonderful service offered by a crew of individuals relating to the academic conference rituals with ease and interest. NomadIT has assembled experiences with scholarly organizations on the national and international conferences on several continents - the assembled knowledge both for overall necessities and the nitty gritty needs of specific sites and individuals is astounding and guarantees a laid-back professionalism that seeks its equal.

Regina F. Bendix, Professor, Institut für Kulturanthropologie / Europäische Ethnologie; Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

I cannot recommend NomadIT highly enough. This team is one of a kind. They not only made our conference run only as smoothly as it possibly could, they made conference convening fun! Rohan, Triinu and the team bring a level of expertise and dedicated support that reaches far beyond logistics (though they are great at all that). I remain forever grateful for the multiple levels of care and guidance that they offered along the way for our conference, from website design, keynote speaker suggestions, budget preparation and party venue selection. A truly wonderful collaboration! One that the Australian Anthropological Society continues to value and depend on.

Jennifer Deger, Convener of 2018 Australian Anthropological Society annual conference “Life in an Age of Death” (Cairns), and 2019 AAS President

The work involved in organising and hosting a large international academic conference cannot be underestimated. It is a daunting task, even before you learn what it truly involves - which is much more than you might imagine. For advice on this I turned to a couple of colleagues who had been there before for different conferences. Both immediately recommended NomadIT, who they had used for their own events. Noting this, I approached a number of other organisations that also claimed to be professional conference organisers. It was quickly apparent that none of them had anything like the expertise of Rohan and his team. Unlike the other outfits, NomadIT reassured me from the onset that they know what they're doing - which I sorely needed, having never convened an international conference with 1,600 delegates before. NomadIT took me through each of the many planning stages, always raising issues I hadn't considered - and, crucially, at the same time coming up with possible solutions. Put simply, they took the significant burden off me and my colleagues, allowing us to concentrate on some of the academic aspects of the conference that we are more familiar with. If I was to ever convene a large international academic conference again, I wouldn't hold it without NomadIT.

Tom Molony, Convenor of ECAS2019 conference

In 2015, our committee at the University of Melbourne engaged NomadIT to administer the Australian Anthropological Society conference we were hosting. With over 500 registrations, it was a significant event. Having organised a similar sized conference previously, I cannot overstate the difference it made having professionals on board. Their systems are tailor made and well honed; every challenge that arose, they’d navigated before and soon resolved. Our event was a huge success and, as convenor, I was able to participate in and enjoy the conference, rather than spending the entire time troubleshooting issues.

Catie Gressier, Co-convenor of the AAS2015 conference

I worked with Rohan and the NomadIT team in my role as honorary treasurer of the European Association of Social Anthropologists from 2012-2018. Working with Rohan and the team was always efficient and easy with excellent communications and delivery from the team. The team understands the needs of anthropologists and works with clients to identify and agree processes that are clear and appropriate.

Rachael Gooberman-Hill, previous Treasurer EASA

Working with NomadIT for EASA2018 was fun and fantastic!

Helena Wulff, Co-convenor EASA2018

Registration, membership, programme, room allocation, etc were complicated (by the joint association nature of this event) and involved a tremendous amount of communication. NomadIT with skilled and efficient staff members carried out the job accurately, patiently and professionally at a reasonable price and the congress turned out to be a great success.

Junji Koizumi (President, International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES); Co-Chair, World Anthropological Union (WAU))

One factor that encouraged me to accept the opportunity to become SIEF's president was the previous fruitful cooperation with the NomadIT team as a co-convenor of the SIEF2015 congress, which gathered more than 900 delegates. Their hands-on and step-by-step approach made the whole process so much easier to manage.

NomadIT's support has been invaluable for professionalization of our association and crucial for SIEF's development. The numbers of our members, the influence of our biennial congresses, as well as the Society's financial stability, have grown steadily since hiring NomadIT. NomadIT members are always present at the Board meetings and advise us very constructively on various aspects of our work. Since the participation in SIEF Board is a voluntary service and we are experts in ethnology, anthropology and folklore research - and not in financial and administrative issues - NomadIT takes on a lot of workload and takes care of those aspects of our programme in which we are not so experienced. That allows us to deal more with the strategic and content dimensions of our activities.

In all these spheres, NomadIT team have proved to be very reliable and trustworthy partners, pleasant to work with. They have a great sense of humour; they are sensitive to idiosyncrasies, kind and considerate. That is why I highly recommend them and consider their services value for money.

Nevena Škrbić Alempijević, SIEF president

We have had great comments coming in and many of them mention the high quality of tech support throughout, in terms of both participating as a delegate and presenting as a speaker... Feedback suggests that the international participation and the discovery that the tech can work really well, in the right hands, means our community is seeing value all round...We want to build on the experience of 2021, which includes working with NomadIT as our IT partner…It was a real pleasure working with you and all the wonderful Nomads, and as a partnership we all feel it was very successful and a lot of fun.

Helen Perkins, Director, Society for Research into Higher Education, convenor of SRHE2021

We’re just writing a short note of thanks for your outstanding work on the AAS2021 virtual conference. The conference exceeded our expectations in many ways, and much of its success was due to your knowledge, professionalism, and dedication. Delegates were also incredibly appreciative of the excellent administrative support.

Debra McDougall, President Emerita, AAS, Convenor AAS2021