Future and Past Conferences

World Congress of Environmental History
University of Oulu, Finland
EASA2024: Doing and Undoing with Anthropology
Barcelona, Catalonia
EASST-4S 2024 Amsterdam: Making and Doing Transformations
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
DSA2024: Social justice and development in a polarising world
SOAS University of London
RAI2024: Anthropology and Education
Senate House, London
CESS 2023
The University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
International Creative Research Methods Conference
The Studio, Manchester
EASR2023: Religions and Technologies
EAJS2023: 17th International Conference of the European Association of Japanese Studies
Ghent, Belgium
DSA2023: Crisis in the Anthropocene: rethinking connection and agency for development
University of Reading
SIEF2023: Living Uncertainty
Brno, Czech Republic
ASA2023: An unwell world? Anthropology in a speculative mode
London, UK
RAI Film Festival conference 2023
a virtual format
AAS2022: Life support
Deakin University, Melbourne
CESS 2022
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
EASA2022: Transformation, Hope and the Commons
Belfast, Northern Ireland
DSA2022: Just sustainable futures in an urbanising and mobile world
an Online conference hosted by UCL
CESS Tashkent 2022
University of World Economy & Diplomacy, Tashkent
RE:22 Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference
Reykjavik, Iceland
RAI2022: Anthropology, AI and the Future of Human Society
a virtual format
RAIMed2022: Mobilising Methods in Medical Anthropology
a virtual format
RAI2021: Anthropology and Conservation
a virtual format
CESS Annual 2021
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
EAJS2021: 16th International Conference of the European Association of Japanese Studies
a virtual environment
DSA2021: Unsettling Development
an Online conference hosted by UEA
SIEF2021: Breaking the Rules: Power, Participation, Transgression
Helsinki, Finland
W10CAL: 10th World Congress of African Linguistics
a virtual environment
SPA2021: Interrogating Inequalities
virtual environment
ASA2021: Responsibility
a virtual environment
RAI Film Festival 2021
a virtual format
Africa Knows! It is time to decolonise the minds
a virtual environment
RAI2020: Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future
a virtual format
ASA2020: How to Live Through a Pandemic
EASA2020: New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe
a virtual environment
CESS Regional 2020
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
DSA2020: New Leadership for Global Challenges
a virtual platform
AAS2019: Values in Anthropology, Values of Anthropology
CESS 2019
George Washington University, Washington, DC
ASA19: Anthropological Perspectives on Global Challenges
Norwich, UK
CHAM2019: Innovation, Invention and Memory in Africa
DSA2019: Opening up Development
Open University, Milton Keynes
ECAS 2019 Africa: Connections and Disruptions
SIEF2019: Track Changes: Reflecting on a Transforming World
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
AAS2018: Life in an age of death
CESS 2018
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
ASA2018: Sociality, matter, and the imagination: re-creating Anthropology
EASA2018: Staying, Moving, Settling
EASST2018: Meetings: Making Science, Technology and Society Together
DSA2018: Global inequalities
RAI2018: Art, Materiality and Representation
British Museum, London
DSA2017: Sustainability Interrogated: Societies, Growth, and Social Justice
University of Bradford
CHAM2017 Oceans and shores: heritage, people and environments
ECAS7: 7th European Conference on African Studies
Basel, Switzerland
SIEF2017: Ways of Dwelling: Crisis - Craft - Creativity
Göttingen, Germany
DSA2016: Politics in Development
Examination Schools, University of Oxford
4S/EASST 2016 conference: Science and technology by other means
ECSAS2016: 24th European Conference on South Asian Studies
EASA2016: Anthropological legacies and human futures
University of Milano-Bicocca
ASA2016: Footprints and futures: the time of anthropology
Durham University
RAI2016: Anthropology, Weather and Climate Change
British Museum, London
AAS2015: Moral Horizons
University of Melbourne
MAGic2015: Anthropology and Global Health: interrogating theory, policy and practice
University of Sussex
CHAM2015: Knowledge transfer and cultural exchanges
EurASEAA15: 15th International Conference of the European Assn of Southeast Asian Archaeologists
SIEF2015: Utopias, Realities, Heritages: Ethnographies for the 21st century
Zagreb, Croatia
ASA15: Symbiotic anthropologies: theoretical commensalities and methodological mutualisms
EASST2014: Situating Solidarities: social challenges for science and technology studies
Torun, Poland
EASA2014: Collaboration, Intimacy & Revolution
University of Tallinn, Estonia
ECSAS2014: 23rd European Conference on South Asian Studies
ASA2014: Anthropology and Enlightenment
RAI2014: Anthropology and Photography
British Museum, London
IUAES2014 inter-congress: the future with/of anthropologies
Chiba City, Greater Tokyo
SLAS2014: 50th anniversary conference
Birkbeck, University of London
APA2013: V Congresso da Associação Portuguesa de Antropologia
Vila Real, Portugal
IUAES2013 World Congress: Evolving humanity, emerging worlds
Manchester, UK
CHAM conference - Colonial (mis)understandings
Lisbon, Portugal
ECAS2013: African dynamics in a multipolar world
ISCTE, Lisbon
SLAS2013: annual conference
University of Manchester
ECSAS2012: 22nd European conference on South Asian studies
ISCTE, Lisbon
EASA2012: Uncertainty and disquiet
Nanterre University, France
RAI2012: Anthropology in the World
British Museum, London
ASA12: Arts and aesthetics in a globalising world
New Delhi
ASA11: Vital powers and politics: human interactions with living things
University of Wales Trinity Saint David
TAG 2010 (32nd annual meeting of the Theoretical Archaeology Group)
University of Bristol
EASA2010: Crisis and imagination
ASA10: The Interview - theory, practice, society
Queen's University, Belfast
Seeking Refuge: caught between bureaucracy, lawyers and public indifference
SOAS, London, UK
ASA09: Anthropological and archaeological imaginations: past, present and future
Bristol, UK
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