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Performing neighbourhood 
José Cavaleiro Rodrigues (CRIA/ESCS - Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa)
Tower A, Piso 0, Room 3
Start time:
18 April, 2011 at 11:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Neighbourhoods are especially meaningful places for people and their social lives. This panel discusses the contemporary construction processes of this particularly close form of social space, looking simultaneously at internal interactions and the interference of global structures and external dynamics.

Long Abstract

Long after the Chicago School and the critique to essentialized visions of urban space and still under the analytical influence of deterritorialization due to the increase of global flows, neighbourhoods remain a solid scale to observe and interpret grounded everyday aspects of human life. Not because the neighbourhood will ever be a self contained unit or a determinant category, but because it may well provide the context where supralocal linkages and meso and macro processes become real and visible in the texture and fabric of concrete social experiences performed by people.

This panel includes presentations and actualizes debates on a) gendered, classed, generational and professional socio-spatial practices as part of particular subcultures and identity formations and dynamics; b) the way educational, political and religious ideologies combined with processes of economic and social change, affect or interact with local order, relationships, initiatives and connections between people and places; c) spaces and social behaviours and representations as objects intervened by media, expressive cultures and creative large scale expertise.

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