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Tribal health: emerging consequences in the era of globalization 
Pinak Tarafdar (University of North Bengal)
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Life and Death
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Wednesday 7 August, 9:00-10:00, 14:00-15:00, 14:30-15:30 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

Concept of health among the tribes is more conspicuously differ from one to another culture. Culturally explainable phenomena on tribal health altered both in affirmative and negative dimension in the era of globalization as it is effectively introduced the new traits and technological innovations.

Long Abstract

The concept of health is one of the significant cognitive understandings of any of the tribal population in the universe. The more accentuated on culturally explainable phenomena on health conspicuously differ from one tribal culture to another. Inevitably the health issues and health seeking behaviour among them are being utilized as the generation wise transmitted affairs. Existence of an entire tribal population is well protected through their age old healthcare practices but it might be effective enough if it is exercised in the confinement of their own territory along with a less communication with other cultures. The roles of the tribal healers are to be mentionable in this regard. They are the main impetus for growing up the confidence and psychological assurance among the patients as both of them share the identical cultural milieu. Therefore the matter of tribal health emphatically intermingled with the culture and its exclusiveness.

The upcoming era of globalization is actually responsible for effective interaction of different cultures which is also emerges as the introduction of new innovative so called modern technologies. The overall medical system is also under the engulfed of the said process. As a result both positive and negative consequences are found to be incepted among the tribal culture which also certainly alters the usual health seeking behaviour of them. Introduction of health related cultural traits are the instances of the former and intervention of the so called modern medical system seems to be the later.

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