Accepted paper:

An appraisal of HIV/AIDS related knowledge among the Bharia of Central India


Dipak Adak (Anthropological Survey of India)
Tiluttoma Baruah (Cotton College, Assam)

Paper short abstract:

The Bharia, a primitive tribe of Central India is discussed in terms of HIV/AIDS knowledge. Study reveals a very low level of awareness on HIV/AIDS among them.

Paper long abstract:

Health problems of the primitive tribes are as varied as the primitive tribal groups themselves, who present a bewildering variety in their socio-economic, socio-cultural and ecological settings. Their knowledge system (beliefs, customs, rituals, tradition, and values) is closely associated with their health culture. Misery of the study population, Bharia primitive tribal group of Dindori district, Madhya Pradesh is compounded by poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, hostile environment, poor sanitation, lack of safe drinking water and faith in traditional beliefs. The study reveals that perception regarding HIV/AIDS is very poor among the Bharia. For a better situation health education needs to be imparted by the local Bharia people.

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Tribal health: emerging consequences in the era of globalization