Accepted paper:

Globalisation and its impacts among the Drukpas: problems and perspectives


Dip Pandey (University of North Bengal)
Pinak Tarafdar (University of North Bengal)

Paper short abstract:

Changes are the dynamic aspect of nature and it runs through the procession of time. It also accelerates the lifestyle of a group. The present paper will reveal the social and cultural changes among the Drukpas due to the impact of the modern era of globalization.

Paper long abstract:

Change is a law of nature. The society is an ever-changing phenomenon, accommodating itself to changing conditions and sometimes sufferings vast modifications in the course of time. Social cultural change means the evolution and transformation of society as a whole. For many indigenous groups, the advent of globalization threatens the sustainability of their culture. Most of the societies in the world are in the fast process of change. In this context, discussions have been taken place about the Drukpa tribal group, situated in the Buxa-Duar region, Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal. They are passing through the remarkable transitional phases from their social as-well-as cultural life, socio-economic condition and of course the religious attributes. Modern forces have been actively molding their life. Although the entire Buxa-Duar region was inhabited by the Drukpas but the present study was conducted in the village Chunabhati. Changes occurred in the every sphere of life where as the religious conversion into Christianity played a significant role. Overall, this tribal group is some how faced a jolt of globalization in various sphere of their livelihood.

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Tribal health: emerging consequences in the era of globalization