Accepted paper:

Indigenous knowledge of Tribal Medicinal practices in Central India : an Anthropo-Pharmaceutical approach


Somnath Chakraverty (B. E. C., University of Calcutta)
Raja Chakraverty (Gupta College Of Technological Sciences,asansol)

Paper short abstract:

The indigenous collective knowledge on community health and ethno-medicinal practices have evolved and refined through trial and error method spontaneously experienced for generations as also shared within a community. The uncertainty in curing diseases has traditionally integrated the essential elements of science with supernatural beliefs, interpretations and performances.

Paper long abstract:

In this multidisciplinary model of approach, the traditional health practices and ethno-medicinal system accessible in a particular locality, rather within a distinct topo cultural area is explored for understanding varied facts of common ethno-medicinal practices. The study includes the system of transmission of the indigenous knowledge in synchronic and diachronic dimensions, on potential resources and its process of mobilization.

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Tribal health: emerging consequences in the era of globalization