Poster session 
Andreja Mesaric (Moroccan Children's Trust)
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Short Abstract:

This 'workshop' lists the posters which will be displayed during the conference.

Long Abstract

The Posters category provides an opportunity to present work in a forum that facilitates open discussion and enables authors to interact directly with conference attendees. In the Posters category, we encourage the submission of late-breaking, preliminary, or exploratory work, smaller projects or results not suitable for a full paper, and any other research or practices that authors wish to present in an interactive, open forum.

There will be no separate poster session. The exhibition will run parallel to the conference. 20 minutes before starting the afternoon sessions on the second and third day of the conference, the authors will have an opportunity to discuss their posters on an individual or small group basis with the attendees. No demonstration experiments or three-dimensional displays are allowed.

All proposals will be peer reviewed. The organizers will not undertake printing of posters.

<b>Copyright agreement</b>

By submitting a poster the author retains the copyright of the work but grants permission of publication and exhibition to the conference committee. All posters not yet having been presented at EASA conferences are eligible.

<b>Acceptable formats </b>

The submitted proposals should be within 594 x 841 mm (size A1) and should have vertical (portrait) orientation. Title should be centered at the top of the poster no larger than 48 point font. Authors names should be centered below the title in no larger than 36 point font. Bellow yet, you may wish to add your contact address (e-mail, phone number etc.) – optional. All lettering should be legible from about 1.5 m away. Displayed materials should be self-explanatory. A multiple panel poster that gets assembled into a poster on site, is also acceptable. Tape and tacks will be provided.

Poster presenters can send visual presentations (image files or pdfs) to Andreja's email.

<b>Poster set up and removal</b>

- Set up on Tuesday, August 26 between 8:00 and 19:00 at the Faculty of Arts (main conference venue).

- Remove on Friday, August 29 by 18:00.

- After the removal time the organizers take no responsibility for the posters displayed.

Accepted papers: