Accepted Paper:

The 'clothing of light': from magic healing to biophotonic therapy  


Traian-Dinorel Stanciulescu (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University)
Aritia Poenaru (National Inventics Institute, IASI)

Paper short abstract:

The “magic healing” is scientifically explained as a BIOPHOTONIC resonance established between the human body ultraweak bioluminescence and the (bio)waves emitted by different curing stimuli. The tradition of CLOTHING is technologically actualized, arguing that the resonant properties of materials, colours, symbols, volumes, accessories are synergetically influencing the human health state.

Paper long abstract:

The poster argues that many of the indigenous healing practices, usually considered as irrational manifestations of the primitive mentality – such as the use of plants and crystals, the synergetic power of music, dance and drawn symbols, the utilization of the magic objects and, finally, the power of the witchcraft ¬– could be explained into the scientific terms of BIOPHOTONICS (biology + theory / technology of lasers). In this way, is possible to justify that the old therapeutic practices are based on the same type of unifying process, namely: (bio)resonance established between the human (living) body emission of light (ultra-weak bioluminescent / auric system) and the (bio)waves emitted by the different types of curing stimuli. It is exactly this mechanism that the modern quantum medicine is bio-technologically valorising.

The syncretism of the ethnical practice of clothing is particularly presented, by arguing that the resonant properties of the natural textile materials, colours, decorative symbols, tailored volumes and accessories are synergetically influencing the human bio-psychical health state. Traditionally based, a modern and ecological / healthy “CLOTHING OF LIGHT” could be developed.

Anthropologically, the archetypal unity of the human being and the light – specifically manifested in all the human cultures – could represent the path towards a NEW SYNCRETISM: magic and technology, soul and body, tradition and modernity, harmoniously together…

* This poster is realized and financially sustained into the frame of the "MATNANTECH" CEEX 32/2005 research program: BIOPHOTONIC NANOTECHNOLOGIES APPLIED IN TEXTILE INDUSTRY. BENEFIC EFFECTS OF "BIOPHOTONTEX" CLOTHING.

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