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Ephemeral, transformational and collaborative: Ethnographies of art events 
Iza Kavedzija (University of Cambridge)
Brunei Gallery - B211
Sunday 3 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

Contemporary art is often presented in the context of art event; sometimes art itself takes a form of an event, focusing on the encounter. This panel explores the role of events in contemporary art production and themes of temporality, materiality and collaboration in art events.

Long Abstract:

Art as a mode of action is increasingly taking a form of an event - a performance, an exhibition, a festival. Events therefore, at the very least, frame some of the artistic processes - by providing themes, requiring applications and justification, or fostering collaborations. In some cases, the artwork itself is evental - it stages and frames interactions and social relationships. In contemporary art associated with the 'social turn' the artwork is focused on the event of encounter, creating novel experiences or unforeseen relations. If event is understood as a moment of transformation, whereby something new and surprising emerges, the artwork can also be seen as an event in itself. Event can therefore be seen as a part of the everyday flow, just as art events are a part of the current art scene; or as a moment of transformation and even radical rupture. This panel explores the role of events in the context of contemporary art. We therefore particularly welcome contributions exploring the effects events have on the art process, particularly the relationships and collaborations that they precipitate, and the way they frames the creative process (e.g. working towards the deadline, or with a given event theme in mind); exploring the temporality and meaning of event (as either the part of the everyday flow or transformative); or focusing on ephemeral and material aspects of artworks associated with the event and the evental qualities of artworks.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Sunday 3 June, 2018, -