Audiovisual translation in South Asia: text, image and sound on the move
Hephzibah Israel (University of Edinburgh)
Matthias Frenz (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes / University of Edinburgh)
Smita Banerjee (Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Delhi University)
Start time:
23 July, 2014 at 14:00
Session slots:

Short abstract:

The panel explores translations of literary, religious, filmic representations to understand how new technologies of translation increasingly involve audiovisual materials. Papers welcome on contemporary shifts in translation and technology regenerating South Asian texts for a global marketplace.

Long abstract:

This panel proposes to explore the recent history of rich translation in South Asia across several linguistic boundaries impacted by new technologies of communication. The rising use of bilingual communication and audio-visual translation have influenced the status and circulation of South Asian representations and offer new sites for the production and consumption of literary, film and religious communication. Despite the current technological boom in South Asia, its impact on forms of cultural representations has not had systematic attention and deserves to be reviewed critically. The panel invites papers that explore translations across literary, religious and filmic representations to understand how new technologies have enabled translation to go beyond the linguistic and textual and increasingly use audio-visual materials. More specifically, the panel will investigate the implications technology shifts have on the quality of translation and analyze the dimensions of communication opened by these shifts. Impeding or limiting factors of new technical means with regard to the translation process will equally be discussed. Ideally the panel would be divided into 3 sessions each focusing on one type of representation involving any form of audio-visual translation: Session 1: Literatures in Translation Session 2: Religious messages in Translation Session 3: South Asian film in translation: including dubbing and subtitling practices The conveners invite papers on any aspect of contemporary shifts in translation and technology to examine the manner technologies of audio-visual translation continue to re-generate South Asian representations in and for the global marketplace.