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Interrogating localisation from social justice perspectives [NGOs in Development SG] 
Emanuela Girei (Liverpool John Moores University)
Ibrahim Natil (DCU conflict Institute and Society Voice Foundation)
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Paper panel
Embedding justice in development
B403, 4th floor Brunei Gallery
Friday 28 June, -, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel aims to provide a platform for critical discussion and reflection on the localisation agenda for those working in/with NGOs and CSOs. It aims to advance understandings of localisation grounded in social justice and decolonisation.

Long Abstract:

Localisation has become a priority agenda for many development actors, implying a re-thinking of development agendas and interventions led by local actors. Debates on localisation expose a commitment to transform the deep-rooted power asymmetries that continue to be reproduced by development practice, policy and theory. Other perspectives uphold a more instrumental view of localisation, focusing on its cost-effectiveness and value for money.

Thus, acknowledging that the notion of localisation is theoretically and operationally still underdeveloped, and its commitment to different, if not competing, concerns (e.g. justice and cost-effectiveness), the panel aims to critically interrogate localisation and its contribution to advancing social justice in development.

The questions we aim to address include:

- What are the novelties in the localisation agendas, with regard to its theoretical grounds and implications for policy and practice?

- To what extent and how can localisation advance and enhance social justice, and what is NGOs’ role in such a process?

- What does empirical evidence suggest regarding the implementation of the localisation agenda?

- How will localisation reshape relations between international and national NGOs?

- What are/might be the unintended consequences of localisation for the NGO sector?

- What is the role of decolonisation in shaping localisation (theoretically and operationally)?

This panel is organised by the NGO in Development study group and aims to provide a platform for sharing practitioners’ and researchers’ experiences and reflections. We welcome both empirical and theoretical contributions, at various stages of development and from all corners of the world.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 28 June, 2024, -
Session 2 Friday 28 June, 2024, -