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Reimagining Research Ethics from a Decolonial Lens 
Tara Korti (Change Alliance)
Anupama Ranawana (Christian Aid University of St Andrews)
Cathy Bollaert (Christian Aid)
Pradeep Narayanan (Praxis)
Talatu Aliyu (Christian Aid UK)
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Eunice Kamaara (Moi University)
Palmer 1.11
Friday 30 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

Our question is "How do we understand and approach research ethics so that it is able to shift power for epistemic justice?"We will interrogate the notion of universal ethics from a decolonial lens and share examples of decolonial research ethics practices.

Long Abstract:

Critical scholars and practitioners have called for reconceptualizing ethics in research so that it is underpinned by a commitment to epistemic justice. Our question is "How do we understand and approach ethics in development research so that it is able to shift power?" A decolonial approach to carrying out research interrogates the inherent power dynamics and centers community knowledge and ethics in the research (Cascant Sempere et al, 2002). This roundtable will share reflections and practices from research projects which adopted a decolonized approach to doing ethics in research and hence illustrate how to work towards epistemic justice.

We are looking forward to having a conversation on the key question:

What are some of the complexities, contradictions and dilemmas faced and experienced by researchers and evaluators who seek to advance a decolonizing agenda to ethics?

Based on the discussion around this key question we are hoping to have insights on the following subquestions of our panel: Who is driving the agenda for decolonizing ethics in development research? What are/should be the core principles of a decolonizing approach to ethics in research? How does a decolonizing approach to ethics in order to shift power in research process?

The panel will accept papers on 1) hybrid research ethics panels, 2) community led ethical review processes, 3) decolonial research ethics practices, 4) co-designing research, 5) co-production of knowledge.

Cascant Sempere, M.J.; Aliyu, T.; Bollaert, C. Towards Decolonising Research Ethics: From One-off Review Boards to Decentralised North-South Partnerships in an International Development Programme. Educ. Sci. 2022, 12, 236

Accepted contributions:

Session 1 Friday 30 June, 2023, -