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Accepted Contribution:

has pdf download Ethical challenges for a community-based researcher: a case study from Bihar, India  
Shakila Khatoon (Fatima Phoolan savitri trust)

Contribution short abstract:

This case study captures the experiences of a community researcher who carried out research with a marginalized and vulnerable tribal community in India. It reflects on her research engagement with this community from an ethical perspective.

Contribution long abstract:

The case study is based on a first-person account of the experiences of a community researcher in India involved in community-based participatory development. It highlights the ethical stances taken by the community researcher during primary research that was carried out in remote villages in the state of Bihar among members of a denotified tribal community. It highlights her journey of reflecting on the research engagement, from an ethical perspective, after her engagement in an ethical review committee constituted by the Praxis Institute of Participatory Practices (herein, referred to as Praxis). The case study maps the journey of the researcher and the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations that led her to reflect on her ethical practices while carrying out community research. It also highlights the reflexivity of the researcher during her journey of the research process.

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Reimagining Research Ethics from a Decolonial Lens
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