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Translating resilience policies for sustainable development and effective climate action 
Rekha Bhangaonkar (University of Cambridge)
Albert Sanghoon Park (University of Oxford)
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Sustainable development
Carrington 101
Thursday 29 June, -, -, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel brings together cross-national and cross-sectoral approaches to resilience policy for sustainable development. Collectively, papers highlight governance challenges in coordinating effective climate action, exploring plural narratives of resilience for sustainability in the Anthropocene.

Long Abstract:

The concept of resilience has emerged as a major policy theme in response to climate change and complex global risks. Its proliferation in development policy raises concerns of its applicability and efficacy across diverse global contexts. There are also questions regarding the relationship between human and nonhuman worlds promoted by resilience policies. These tie to practical debates over the formulation, monitoring, and evaluation of resilience-oriented development policies.

This panel hence brings together an international and intersectoral sample of policy case studies to illustrate the variety of narratives and approaches tied to resilience policy. Papers are welcomed from a diversity of methodological approaches and empirical sources. This openness is encouraged with the aim of providing a rich diversity of views across sustainable development standpoints (both in terms of paper subjects and in terms of paper authors). These ultimately feed into plural perspectives on the role of resilience policy as a response to challenges faced in realising sustainable development in the Anthropocene. Theoretical papers are also welcomed, but all authors are encouraged to think through the political and practical implications of their studies. Namely, what do these papers ultimately say about the prospects of resilience policy for realising sustainable development and effective climate action? Given the potential synergies between panel papers, authors may be invited to join a subsequent special issue proposal attached to this panel.

Accepted papers:

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