Welfare impact of globalisation on agricultural trade in the 21st century
Oyinlola Ogunpaimo (Teagasc Irish Development Authority)
Agatha Ogbe (Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta)
Transnational political economies of development
Venables, S0049 Meeting Room
Wednesday 19 June, 15:30-17:00, 17:30-19:00 (UTC+0)

Short abstract:

This panel will address questions on: To what extent has global integration affected agricultural development? To what degree has access to foreign aids fostered market integration? Has agricultural innovations reduced poverty incidence and increased agricultural trade?

Long abstract:

Over the past few decades, globalisation has been perceived as a necessary evil that has presented both positive and negative results. The panel will welcome papers that analyses the impact of globalisation on agriculture, welfare and development. We welcome papers on the theories and concepts of globalisation and its roles in agriculture, welfare theories and methodologies, how globalisation has improved access to social security services and infrastructure? The nexus between market integration in the regional and global economy with welfare, how foreign aids have facilitated adoption of technologies and translate into welfare gains or losses? How globalisation affects market integrations, global reforms on agricultural policies or price distortion policies.

This panel will further address questions such as: What are the recent developments within the agricultural system? Has the adoption of novel agricultural technologies been able to supply sufficient output to meet local and world demand of food? Are the recent developments in agriculture impacting on: improving food security, creation of market for agriculture output, reducing poverty, creation of employment? What are the impacts of policies regulation (national and/or cross-border, in form of tariff, restriction, and quota) on agricultural production and trade?

The conveners seek to develop collaborative publication from the panels' collection of papers that will provide answers to these questions.