Kazakhstani Universities and Workforce Development: Enhancing Employability and Career Opportunities
Judith Parker (Teachers College/Columbia University)
Gulnara Medeubekova (Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies, University of Toronto)
Judith E Parker, Columbia University
Gulnara Medeubekova, University of Toronto
Posvar 4217
Start time:
27 October, 2018 at 14:15 (UTC+0)
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How are Kazakhstani universities preparing students for the future of work? What skills are critical for ensuring that students and recent graduates can thrive in an increasingly competitive and tech-driven world, and how do youth perceive these opportunities? What models of university-industry collaboration currently exist among Kazakhstani institutions of higher education, and how can these be adapted to ensure that universities are preparing students for the economic and social demands of the market?

This panel will consider various perspectives on the roles of higher education institutions in enhancing students' employability - from students' own perceptions of career opportunities and job placement challenges, to institutionalized partnerships between universities and industry/business, to the role of language training and gender in workforce development.

Panelists will draw on data including interviews with 3,000 students from 7 regions of Kazakhstan, surveys of higher education institutes around the country, and interviews with industry representatives. In addition, panelists will consider workforce development initiatives and collaboration with government, industry, business, international and local organizations.