Accepted Paper:

Career Opportunities for Youth in the Perception of Students in Kazakhstan  


Gainiya Tazhina (University of International Business)

Paper long abstract:

The problem of employment and career growth is one of the acutest for Kazakhstani youth, particularly in regions of the country. In this regard, the following research issues are considered in the article: (A) what impedes the realization of professional/personal plans of youth? (B) What are the main difficulties experienced by young people in finding a job? (C) What is the determining factor in hiring young people? A survey of 3000 students from seven regions of Kazakhstan was conducted within the framework of the research project. The differences in students' opinions are statistically reliable.

Undergraduates from Almaty, Aktobe and Shymkent universities believe that social apathy and low activity of young people are the main barriers to the implementation of professional/personal plans of youth. Students of Atyrau, Kostanay, and Taldy-Korgan consider that young people are not in demand on the labor market. Students of Astana think that lack of finance is the main reason for this. The differences in students' opinions are statistically reliable.

"Everywhere you need work experience". This is the main difficulty in finding jobs for young people. Although most students do not have current employment, they would like to combine their education and work. Also, students identify difficulty to find a job in their specialty; lack of information on the labor market, of "steep" acquaintances, and of business communication skills. Thus, students define both external and internal barriers when finding jobs. As a decisive factor in the recruitment, students again point out the importance of professional job experience and the appropriate education. Such controversial factors as availability of acquaintances and personal qualities vary and differ significantly between regions.

The issues examined made it possible to identify trends in labor activity of the youth. Information and psychological support of youth in their professional intentions contribute to a socially mature personality with a consciously responsible goal-setting. The research data were reported in a public lecture on the Nur Otan party, discussed at a roundtable with the academic community. Series of articles are published in the Bulletin of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

Keywords: student, youth, youth employment, labor market.

Panel EDU-03
Kazakhstani Universities and Workforce Development: Enhancing Employability and Career Opportunities