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Stinky fish & other liminal foods 
Ida Tolgensbakk (Norsk Folkemuseum)
Sofie Scheen Jahnsen (University of Oslo)
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Lizette Gradén (Lund University)
Thursday 8 June, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Prague

Short Abstract:

This panel will discuss eating as a liminal process, through the lens of liminal or extreme foods. How can we understand these larger-than-life foods and the stories, performances, rituals, and play surrounding their consumption?

Long Abstract:

Eating is in itself a liminal process, as well as an expressive part of human life. The ways we procure food, what and when we eat, how we prepare it, and with whom we share it all connects to questions of belonging and identity. It articulates sameness and otherness in complex ways (Fischler 1988). Food serves as a meaning-making field in which individuals and groups construct boundaries and demonstrate similarities (Julier 2004). As part of migration and other processes, specific foods may transform into heritage foods and family traditions. Food and food making are never neutral, but questions of power (Jones and Long 2017).

This panel takes a particular interest in the role of extreme foods (Matejowsky 2013) and their renderings. How come various kinds of "stinky fish" has grown strong as part in performances of national identity? How can we understand the enthusiasm for the pungent and salty rakfisk of Norway or the tarkin of Sudan? What stories, performances, rituals, and play surround their consumption? How do outdoors cooking, blood food, freeganism and other food practices become symbols of heritage and identity in the first place, and what role do extreme and liminal foods play in systems of e.g. gender, class and nationality? Liminal foods are, in many ways, performances at the edge or on the verge of things - they are embodied uncertainties.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 8 June, 2023, -
Session 2 Thursday 8 June, 2023, -