Mediation and circulation of cultural memory in identity settings 
Cyril Isnart (CNRS)
Sonia Catrina (CSIER-Centre for the Study of the Jewish History in Romania & CEREFREA-Centre Régional francophone de recherches avancées en sciences sociales)
Ülikooli 16, 215
Start time:
3 July, 2013 at 10:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This panel focuses on the description of mobility and circulation of mediation devices and social imaginaries at work in different heritage experiences, in order to provide a comparative view on identitary constructions, from official to non-official institutions of cultural memory or individuals.

Long Abstract

Starting from the idea that cultural memory is produced, negotiated, contested, present-oriented, and that heritagisation is widely spread among all types of human groups, this panel seeks to analyze the ways in which the heritage logics and tools contribute to structure, represent, mediate and manipulate collective memory in contemporary identitary settings.

Taking into account the link between national, local and individual memories, identity constructions and a globalised context of heritage-making, means both focusing on the political exchanges and social use-value circulation of collective memories within the heritage sphere. We are interested in examining the criteria, devices and values shared, appropriated or contested by "cultural actors", according to which a good might or might not enter "cultural schemes". The memory-identity-heritage-territory interplay needs also to be linked to the social diversity of the "heritage communities", from academic and nation-state institutions to private, ordinary and non-academic structures taking care of the representations of the past.

Very useful insights can be gleaned from the inventory of symbols and devices retained, selected and manipulated by the nation-state to set its compelling identity, the individuals' heritagisation as self-knowledge process granting meaning of their identity as well. We expect papers, in French or English, on circulation between the institutionalised uses of cultural memory and the individuals or minorities' constructions, mediations, and transmissions of memories. In addition, we are interested in papers investigating how not only goods, but also "know-how" of the heritage techniques circulate and are negotiated within the heritage sphere.

Accepted papers: