Accepted Paper:

Mediation and circulation of cultural memory in the Romanian (non-)official "patrimonial experiences"  


Sonia Catrina (CSIER-Centre for the Study of the Jewish History in Romania & CEREFREA-Centre Régional francophone de recherches avancées en sciences sociales)

Paper short abstract:

This study focuses on the imaginaries which accompany the Romanian (non-)official “patrimonial experiences”. It analyzes the way in which “the historical memory” produced by the cultural professional actors circulates in non-official logics of heritagization.

Paper long abstract:

This study analyzes the way in which the official logics of heritagization structure, mediate and manipulate the collective memory in the Romanian contemporary individual heritage settings. It examines the practices, the vocabulary as well as the representations of different actors in charge to "make" heritage, such as professional institutional actors, policy makers, museum experts trained in preservation, conservation and cultural mediation or individual actors who undertake an indigenous "heritagization" typical of private family museums. By taking into account the actors' openness to the field of "heritagization" and to that of "goods that are to be heritagized", the study proposes an analysis of the forms whereby identities are institutionalised in parallel with the individual's growing decision making power within his /her own construction. The reflexive approach relates to the realm of "heritagized goods" according to the status of the actors engaged in heritagization, the various discourses on cultural heritage, the reference to the principles and criteria according to which one assesses "patrimonial value" of a specific "good". We assess that the institutional heritagization, "mechanical" and consensual, is competed by the private heritagization, more dynamic, considering heritage as construction.

Panel P26
Mediation and circulation of cultural memory in identity settings