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First Name Last Name Institution Roles []
David Anderson (University of Aberdeen) Roundtable Chair in R008   Messenger
Paul Lane (University of Cambridge) Panel Chair in P035a Panel Chair in P035b   Messenger
Aet Annist (University of Tartu and Tallinn University) Panel Chair in P019   Messenger
Sue Black (Lancaster University) Panel Chair in A005   Messenger
Franz Krause (University of Cologne) Panel Chair in P019   Messenger
Dawn Chatty (University of Oxford) Roundtable Chair in R005a Roundtable Chair in R005b   Messenger
Heike Schroeder Panel Chair in A002   Messenger
Olivia Howland (University of Liverpool, UK) Panel Chair in P004   Messenger
Robert Fletcher (Wageningen University) Panel Chair in P031   Messenger
Tanja Hoffmann (University of Saskatchewan) Panel Chair in P035a Panel Chair in P035b   Messenger
Christopher Dunn (Cornell Botanic Gardens) Panel Chair in P029   Messenger
Robin Roth (University of Guelph) Panel Chair in P042   Messenger
Cynthia Fowler (Wofford College) Workshop Chair in W003   Messenger
Scott Knowles (KAIST) Panel Chair in P018   Messenger