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Art, Dreams and Miracles: Reflections and Representations 
Nada Al-Hudaid (Lund University)
Ammara Maqsood (University of Manchester)
SOAS Senate House - S311
Sunday 3 June, -, -, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This conference panel will explore the relationship between art and the oneiric experiences (dreams, miracles, visitations and/or visions) and how such encounters are materialised. Papers that explore this topic ethnographically are welcome.

Long Abstract:

Oneiric experiences among various communities are translated into reality in different ways; stories, sermons, specific actions and art (Degarrod 2017, Edgar 2016, Mittermaier 2011, Price-Williams and Gaines 1994). This conference panel will explore the area between art, miracles and dream experiences cross-culturally. Papers that explore this topic ethnographically are welcome.

Some dreams and miracles may be represented through art such as painting, poetry, song and dance. The creative process of translating dreams and miracles to various art forms can be significant and may lead to specific social encounters, controversies, or actions. Studying such encounters enables us to learn more about modes of representation and states of reality. Any type of art (visual, oral, written or performative) is welcome. Papers that include non-textual media such as video, sound recordings, photography and illustrations are highly encouraged. All types of dreams and miracles are welcome, whether religious or secular.

Papers can include (but not restricted to) any of the following themes:

- How do dreams and/or miracles get materialised?

- What role does art play in representations of dream and miraculous experiences?

- What theories are there that speak about representations of oneiric experiences?

- What are the theoretical and ethnographic challenges of researching dreams and miracles?

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Sunday 3 June, 2018, -