Creativity in business (Commission on Enterprise Anthropology) 
Keiko Yamaki (Shujitsu University)
Hirochika Nakamaki (Suita City Museum)
Start time:
18 May, 2014 at 10:30 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

We talk about "creativity" when something both new and valuable is produced —new tools, ideas, art, play, new forms of social relationship and communication. In this panel, we focus specifically on creativity in business and what anthropology has to say about it.

Long Abstract

For this panel, our theme is "creativity in business." Creativity, we are told, has driven human progress and is making our lives richer. But what, as anthropologists, do we have to say about that? Our panelists will focus on a variety of topics. Prof. Yoshiko Nakano and Dr. Maria Yotoba will discuss creativity in product development in an age of globalization. Professor Yasunobu Ito will introduce ethnography as a business tool for creativity and innovation. Dr. John McCreery will present recent work on the social networks of top advertising creatives in Japan, and Prof. Keiko Yamaki and Ph.D. candidate Takae Tanaka will present their research on creativity in services. The shared focus in all of these papers will be on how business pursues creativity and on anthropology's role as both participant and critic in this process.

Accepted papers: