Accepted Paper:

Study of consumer practices of ethnicities as a tool for creativity in business  


Sergey Rychkov (Kazan Innovative University)

Paper short abstract:

This paper focuses on the study of ethnic consumer practices as a creative tool for business. Themes of approaches to the research of consumer behavior in a multi-ethnic region, response to activity of the firms are considered. (With financial support of RFH, project № 12-01-00018).

Paper long abstract:

It is important for business entity to use any factor of its success in an increasingly competitive. Ethnic characteristics of consumer behavior - one of these factors. Creativity allows to transform these features in research results, which are converted into specific market actions.

The report summarizes the various conceptual and methodological approaches to the problem of consumer behavior of ethnicities in multi-ethnic region, motives and factors that determine it. When choosing a methodological base and technical tools, as well as in the formation of conclusions, an interdisciplinary approach ensuring achievement of research synergies is applied. Methods of data base collecting is interrogations, content analysis of sites of commercial firms, narrative interviews.

The results of studies of consumer response of ethnicities to marketing activities of firms are presented. So ethnic features to respond to low-quality goods, low level of service, lack of goods on sale are defined. The results of analysis assortment of firms identified in the context of ethnic and cultural features of consumer behavior are offered.

Problems of communications in the marketing space take a special place in the report. Interactions between sellers and consumers are considered in the focus "marketing operations" - "consumer reaction". Best creative acts of business lead to the achievement of corporate objectives in many segments of the consumer market of multi-ethnic region. (With financial support of RFH, project № 12-01-00018).

Panel P084
Creativity in business (Commission on Enterprise Anthropology)