Accepted Paper:

Using participatory visual ethnography for creative product design: a case study of the teenage education sector in China  


Adel Andalibi (Beijing Cognitive and Sensory Ethnography Lab)

Paper short abstract:

Methods and apparatus of participatory visual ethnography for product design will be discussed, and a case of educational product design will be reviewed.

Paper long abstract:

I will discuss the current practice of participatory visual ethnography and the contributions that this approach can make to the field of business anthropology in general. Then I will focus on how the rich narrative data collected by participatory visual research can be used for drafting and crafting innovative ideas in the process of design thinking and product development as well as in the process of business strategy. Then a case study will be reviewed where I use participatory visual research tools in a private educational institute in Changzhou city of china to collect middle school students' narratives about their daily experience as a student. Finally I will discuss the apparatus to use these narratives in designing a different educational experience.

Panel P084
Creativity in business (Commission on Enterprise Anthropology)