Bio-cultural approach in human health study: retrospect and prospect 
Tiluttoma Baruah (Cotton College, Assam)
Premananda Bharati (Indian Statistical Institute)
Multi Purpose Room
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16 May, 2014 at 13:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Human health condition is shaped by interaction between its diverse socio-cultural norms and socio-biological practices. This panel emphasize on changing global scenario of bio-cultural approach in human health study in retrospect and prospect.

Long Abstract

Human society consists of numerous social, ethnic, linguistic, religious and territorial groups. Health is everybody's concern. Determinants of health vary between geographical regions, cultural groups and also between the countries of various economic statuses. The health status of human is influenced by its variety of cultural behavior and biological factors. Some cultural practices widely ubiquitous in the area of health care. Bio-cultural studies offer valuable designs for studying the interface between biological and cultural factors affecting human well-being. This interface has been reconnoitered in many ways since last five/six decades. It is proposed in this panel to integrating the approaches and methodologies of both social and biological studies related to human health in retrospect and prospect.

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