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Himalaya: ecology, adaptability and culture
Ajai Pratap Singh (Lucknow University)
Movement, Mobility, and Migration
University Place 3.209
Wednesday 7 August, 16:30-17:30 (UTC+0)

Short abstract:

The present panel proposal in a round-table discussion format aims at to discuss the ecology, physical and social adaptability,and culture of different human populations of the Himalaya.

Long abstract:

The Himalayan region of South and Central Asia stretches from Afghanistan to Arunachal Pradesh province of India. The ecology of the Himalaya varies from high altitude to valley to plain with variable human populace,flora and fauna.The Himalaya is inhabited by different human populations,be these tribal,rural or urban,such

as Gaddi, Gujjar, Bakarwal, Sherpa, Jaunsari, Bhotia, Bhoksa, Tharu, Raji, Khasi, Garo, Jaintia, Naga, Mizo, Apatani, etc. All these tribes have variable ecology, adaptable bio-social type and culture.The adaptability ranges from ecological to pastoral nomadism to transhumance in the Himalaya. The socio-cultural profiles vary from fraternal polyandry to matriliny to woman dominance to invisible trading in the Himalaya. Therefore,all the aspects of ecology, adaptabilitry and culture of the Himalaya will be discussed in detail in this panel.

The theme paper titled 'Study of Folk Medicine among the Scheduled Tribes of Uttarakhand Himalaya' will be presented as an introductory remark before the round-table discussion by the panel convenor.