Accepted paper:

Environment and culture: a glimpse on the Karbis' of North-East India


Somenath Bhattacharjee (Assam University)
Raka Bhattacharjee Roy (University of North Bengal)

Paper short abstract:

The livelihood and culture of the tribal people is intimately related with their surrounding environment. North East India is a rich zone of ethnic and cultural diversity. The present paper is an attempt to know about the co-relationship between environment and culture among the Karbi tribal group of Assam.

Paper long abstract:

The livelihood of human being is deeply correlated with the nature and natural resources. We get our food, water and respiratory means from the surface of the Earth to satisfy the needs of our hunger, thirst and respiration. Thus the need of the human society is totally depended on the nature. In our country, the tribal people are dwelling in the high hills, isolated forest covered region. Their entire livelihood is very much depended on the forest based natural products. Particularly, their traditional economic pursuit, indigenous knowledge of health care system and religious faith has a deep co-relation with environment and forest based natural products. Even their folk cultural tradition as well as folk performances reflects the significance of nature in the context of their livelihood. North East India is a zone of rich ethnic and cultural diversity. In this region, the livelihood of the tribal people is deeply co-related with their surrounding nature. In the present study it has been observed among the Karbi tribal group of Assam. Key Words: Environment, Economy, Traditional medicine, Folk Culture.

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Himalaya: ecology, adaptability and culture