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Dynamic gendered media presentation and diversified ownership: China's gendered media anthropological studies since 1978 (IUAES Commission on the Anthropology of Women) 
Ga Wu (Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences)
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Alan Turing Building G108
Wednesday 7 August, 9:00-10:00, 14:00-15:00 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

China's major media structures before 1978 were exclusively owned by the state and public units. Since 1978, the ownership patterns for China's media organizational structure have been greatly reformed by the open door policy initiative carried out by Deng Xiaoping and other major leaders in China.

Long Abstract

Our panel members will discuss all newly emerged diversification process of media organization in some regions, along with their gendered dimensions with the aid newly innovated multi-media techniques.Presentations will discuss new trends in communication and social networking through online sites ( i.e., Facebook) .Bold practices also are coming from film industries, TV programs, and the initiatives of women scholars and, including local women's museums and local ethnic minority heritage and culture museum programs. These developments demonstrate the ways these smaller stakeholders walk their own independent roads. Overall, the panel will compare four types of media and their related gendered trends in: the Internet, film, TV programming and museum exhibition projects, highlighting past, current and future development possibilities for 21st century China.

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