Accepted Paper:

China's image: the Analysis from visual anthropology and gender perspective  


He Huang (Xiamen University, Fujian)

Paper short abstract:

China's image; visual anthropology;gender perspective; narrative method; reality; creation; ritualized expression

Paper long abstract:

As for today's globalization, national image has been involved in the co-construction of imagination community with its intuition and popularity and become an important part of national interest. How to promote the national image, reconstruct our core values, perfect our development concept and make it a solid barrier to keep our sense of culture identity are the unavoidable problems in the visualized expression of China's image. It is an irresistible trend to use the method of visual anthropology and gender perspective to express China's image; however, the current national image films in China still have problems in the three aspects including narrative method and acceptance, reality or creation, ritualized expression and influence. finally, i will bring my newly produced film entitled as "Fujian Folk Culture" to the panel, for showing and discussing.

Panel G41
Dynamic gendered media presentation and diversified ownership: China's gendered media anthropological studies since 1978 (IUAES Commission on the Anthropology of Women)