Comparing urban poverty from an ethnographic perspective
Mariano Perelman (Universidad de Buenos Aires- CONICET)
Maria Mercedes Di Virgilio (CONICET)
Roscoe 1.003
Start time:
8 August, 2013 at 9:00
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Short abstract:

The session invites researchers to submit papers that address forms of urban poverty from an ethnographic approach

Long abstract:

During the last few decades urban poverty has grown in many areas of the world's large cities. The growth of cities and of urban poverty and the emergence of new social and cultural inequalities turn the debate about the struggles, conditions, practices and ways of life of large sectors in mega, medium sized and small cities, as well as in liminality borders between urbanity and new ways of rurality, into one of unusual (important) relevance. In cities with growing diversity and heterogeneous ethnic, cultural and social plurality, this increase raises a number of additional problems to the pauperization processes, such as access to public transport, housing, urban land, cultural and social services, etc. The session invites researchers to submit papers that, from an ethnographic approach, address forms of urban poverty and also those that problematize on the debate about the selection of objects and fields of research as well as the relationship between the researcher and the subjects and issues that are the object of study - such as the relationship between urban and rural ways of life, access to urban land, urban violence and urban poverty, among others. Works that analyze with an ethnographic approach the ways in which poverty and inequality are expressed and experienced in different cities will be particularly welcome.