Accepted Paper:

has pdf download Marginal experiences of homelessness  


Pierre-Andre Tremblay (University of Quebec at Chicoutimi)

Paper short abstract:

This paper presents the diffrerent experiences of homeless men and women in a peripheral region of Québec. It shows how gender and spatial anchoring influence these experiences and considers how social policies take gender and location into account.

Paper long abstract:

In North America, homeless people are generally discussed as a metropolitan phenomenon. This paper is interested in this question in the context of a "peripheral" area of Quebec and considers homeless people in a middle-sized city and those in rural areas. It emphasizes the different experiences of men and women. It will show how gender differently frames the lives of homeless people and how national public health policies suceed (or not) in taking into account gender and the spatiality of the experience of homelessness. The data comes from field observations and interviews with forty homeless persons and fifteen social service workers from Quebec.

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Comparing urban poverty from an ethnographic perspective