Imagining a lost present: situating memory across/beyond Partition 
Churnjeet Mahn (University of Strathclyde )
Anne Murphy (University of British Columbia)
Room 212
Start time:
29 July, 2016 at 9:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This panel explores the locations of memory along/about the Indo-Pakistan/Indo-Bangladesh borders and the complex ways in which such memories are both allowed for and erased in our present in the form of cultural heritage and representation, exploring exemplary sites, texts, and representations.

Long Abstract

This panel attends to the locations of memory along and about the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh borders and the complex ways in which such memories are both allowed for and erased in the present. The panel is situated at the intersection of narratives connected to memory and commemoration in order to ask how memories have been formed and perpetuated across the imposition of these borders. This allows us to explore how national boundaries both silence memories and can be subverted in important ways, through consideration of physical sites and cultural practices on both sides of the India-Pakistan-Bangladesh borders that gesture towards that which has been lost--that is, the cultural whole that was the cultural regions of Punjab and Bengal before Partition, as well as broader cultural "wholes" across South Asia, across religious and linguistic lines--alongside forces that deny such connections. We invite papers that will address the issues of heritage and memory through specific case-studies on present-day memorial, museological or commemoration practices, through which sometimes competing memorial landscapes have been constructed and how memories of past traumas and histories become inscribed into diverse forms of cultural heritage (the built landscape, literature, film).

Accepted papers: