60 shades of development assistance: remainings of projects and programs in urban and rural Africa 
Manon Fabre (IFAID)
Franck Fortuné (Sciences Po Bordeaux)
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1 July, 2017 at 9:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Development assistance is a recurring phenomenon in contemporary urban and rural Africa. It has left a lasting imprint on landscapes, social patterns and collective organisations for over 60 years. This panel intends to question the marks and remains of development interventions in Africa.

Long Abstract

In Africa, development projects and programs come one after another over time, in tune with discourses, international trends and one-size-fits-all development recipes. However, this chain of interventions does not necessarily lead to an institutionalized process for capitalising on the outputs, outcomes, successes, failures or impacts of development assistance. Moreover, international development has long been experiencing a structural amnesia, caused and aggravated by the turnover in development agencies and NGOs, the lack of archives conservation and the constraints over the project cycles. If memory can fail on the part of donors and development agencies, the individual and collective memories of beneficiaries (local witnesses of projects) are to be analysed and considered for defining the evolution, the history and the marks - both tangible and intangible - left by development assistance over time.

The conveners expect the papers within this panel to explore local actors' perceptions of the succession of interventions but also territorial and social changes or dynamics induced at various temporal and spatial scales. The fabric of development at different levels will also be a theme explored in the panel, especially when it comes to analyse the fate of "buzzwords" (participation, gender, resilience, empowerment…) and the trajectories of international models that are transferred (decentralisation, "multistakeholderism", natural resources management…). We also expect the communications to shed the light on innovative ways of looking at development projects in terms of evaluation, project management (results oriented approach, capitalisation...)…

This panel is organized in the framework of the DeMeTer research project ("Development, Memories, Territories") and will welcome communications from different disciplines.

Accepted papers: