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Joanna Latimer (University of York)
Carrie Friese (London School of Economics and Political Science)
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Saturday 3 September, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid

Short Abstract:

Research on 'bio-objects' explores relations generated around scientific entities (e.g. GM organisms, IVF embryos & transgenic animals). Alternatively this panel explores how & when 'bio-subjects' give (their) life through biomedical science to make meanings & social relations with humans.

Long Abstract:

Growing scholarship surrounding 'bio-objects' explores the things in biomedical science that live and give life (e.g. Daston 2001; Vermeulen 2012). This panel alternatively explores 'bio-subjects', particularly how beings that give (their) life in biomedical science make meanings and social relations with humans. Our focus is particularly on questions of care and worldly becoming. Our aim is to break with scientific preoccupations with object-subject divisions to link questions about bio-objects and bio-subjects through literatures on affect and matters of concern as well as models and modelling. Literature on modelling pays attention to how model organisms have been conditioned through the application of genetic (Kohler 1994; Rader 2004) and other kinds of technologies (Rheinberger 2010; Creager 2002) in ways that generate life as an object of knowledge. Less attention has been paid to the ways human-non-human interactions also figure experimental assemblages to condition both model organisms and knowledge of them. This panel asks how caring for bio-subjects makes life as meaningful social relations. We are particularly interested in papers that explore how and when 'living' materials used in experimental systems (humans, other animals, cells, insects, computers) are figured as subjects and when they are not - including how responsibility for them as subjects is disposed of.


Accepted papers:

Session 1 Saturday 3 September, 2016, -