Valuation practices at the margins
Claes-Fredrik Helgesson (Linkoping University)
Freyja Knapp
Francis Lee (Uppsala University)
Kristin Asdal (University of Oslo)
Steve Woolgar (LInkoping University)
C-F Helgesson (Linkoping Univ. - 1); Torben Elgaard Jensen (Aalborg Univ. Copenhagen-2) Steve Woolgar (Linköping Univ 3), Andrea Mennicken (LSE-4), Francis Lee (Uppsala Univ. -5), Tiago Moreira (Durham University-6), Kristin Asdal (Univ. of Oslo-7)
Start time:
1 September, 2016 at 9:00
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Short abstract:

Studies of valuation explore a variety of practices where values are negotiated, ordered and established. One might say valuation is about the making of certain forms of hierarchy or importance. This track engages with the fringe practices that are situated in the shadow of more dominant techniques.

Long abstract:

The growing interest in the study of valuation has resulted in a plurality of studies exploring by what means and procedures values are established, by whom, to what ends, and to what consequence (see, e.g., the journal Valuation Studies). It has, in short, opened a space for studies about various social practices and settings where the value or values of something are established, assessed, negotiated, provoked, maintained, constructed and/or contested. This track follows a fruitful suggestion by Andrea Mennicken and Ebba Sjögren* to attend to the margins of valuation, where valuation practices are problematized, introduced or met by limitations. Margins are different across places and settings. Margins can appear in the form of subjecting new phenomena to practices of valuation. Margins can appear in the bringing in of new techniques and tools to reform established valuation practices. Margins can, finally, appear in asymmetric struggles over valuations, or in encounters between dominant techniques and other means of valuating performed in the shadow of more influential techniques or modes of valuing. Attending to the margins of valuations may also tease out the conditions for manufacturing values at the "core" and how these are sometimes challenged and transformed by way of new and emerging techniques. The panel welcomes both empirical studies of valuation practices as well as contributions that develop approaches for examining the agencies, means, and consequences of such practices. * Mennicken, Andrea, and Ebba Sjögren. 2015. Valuation and Calculation at the Margins. Valuation Studies 3(1):1-7. SESSIONS: 5/4/5/4/5/4/5

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