Science and Technology through Critical Art Practice 
Lisa Cartwright (Univ of California at San Diego)
Merete Lie (Norwegian Uni of Science and Technology)
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Saturday 3 September, 11:00-12:45, 12:30-14:15, 14:00-15:45 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

Science and Technology through Critical Art Practice is devoted to considering new ways of making and doing in science and technology and in STS informed by sci-artists and engagement with feminist and critical theory.

Long Abstract:

Historically, artists have contributed to innovation and critique in science and technology by other means than those we are accustomed to in ST and STS fields. There is a growing canon of literature in STS history, sociology and anthropology devoted to the esthetic and cultural dimensions of visual artifacts of scientific and technological practice, and to laboratory technologies that yield visual forms of knowledge and experience. Feminist and critical theory approaches in STS have been particularly generative of new ideas and methods in this body of work. Historical visual analysis is an area of sustained activity. Innovation of research strategies to embrace visual methods informed by art practitioners is a somewhat more recent area of productivity in STS, with examples including the recent photography-, time-based media- and writing-based projects of Jackie Orr and Joanna Zylinksa, for example. This track is proposed by co-convenors who are senior scholars in this area aiming to bring together ST and STS practitioners interested in feminist and critical theory of ST and committed to advancing projects informed by art with artists working in research-based practice using laboratory/field techniques/materials. "Science and Technology Through Critical Art Practice" encourages reciprocity. We gesture to SymbioticA in Western Australia, the Bio Art Lab headed by Suzanne Anker in New York, and the UCLA Sci-Art Center and Lab headed by Victoria Vesna as examples of the collaborations that this dialog envisions.


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