Accepted Paper:

Instruments and Sensors in Critical Land Use Interpretation: The Camera, The MET Tower  


Lisa Cartwright (Univ of California at San Diego)

Paper short abstract:

Drawing from the project Kansas Wind and Power by Lisa Cartwright and Steven Rubin, this talk considers the range of tools and instruments, from the camera to the meteorological evaluation tower, that may be engaged for hybrid research-based art and ethnography doing land use interpretation.

Paper long abstract:

Critical environmental artists engaged in land use interpretation practices have actively engaged familiar tools such as cameras for observation and documentation. However engagement with more complex science-specific instruments such as the meteorological evaluation tower pose more of a challenge. This paper relates a project designed to bridge those forms of practice, and considers what art practice can yield in the way of critical research, and what role fictocritical interpretation can play in transformation of the field.

Panel T019
Science and Technology through Critical Art Practice