Accepted Paper:

"smART cities and waste": arts-led interdisciplinary approaches to urban waste innovation and public engagement  


alexandra plows (Bangor University UK)

Paper short abstract:

This interdisciplinary network of European artists, academics, scientists and practitioners is exploring how arts based approaches can inform waste management innovation including better citizen participation; and how place (local context, culture, governance) makes a difference .

Paper long abstract:

"smART cities and waste" is an emergent, interdisciplinary, network of European artists, academics, scientists and practitioners. The aim of the network is to develop a forum for knowledge exchange, debate and capacity building across art & humanities and science disciplines and subject areas with a common focus on waste treatment, management and innovation. This will seek to develop responses to the question: how can arts based approaches inform waste management innovation techniques and processes; and secondly, how does place (local context, identity, culture, governance) make a difference to waste generation, waste innovation delivery and uptake? This paper introduces the network's objectives, core methods of engagement/delivery (workshops and "pop ups"), and reflects on progress and emerging issues. Moving beyond established social science led approaches to citizen engagement, we are exploring an arts-led, place- based approach to urban waste innovation. We are strongly informed by the need for "citizen science" (Irwin and Michael 2003) and for facilitating "cross-talk" (Bucchi 2004) between scientists, innovators, policy makers and the public, enabling citizens to be part of techno -scientific innovation and service delivery. We seek to explore how arts-led approaches can enable "local knowledge" (Wynne 1996) to feed back into the innovation process.

Panel T019
Science and Technology through Critical Art Practice