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Transformations in transmedia ethnography: experimentation, ethics and communing imagination [VANEASA] I 
Roger Canals (University of Barcelona)
Camilo LEON-QUIJANO (Aix-Marseille University (IDEAS - ANFAA))
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22 University Square (UQ), 01/005
Wednesday 27 July, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel seeks to reassess the potential intersections between ethics and (visual) experimentation focusing on the idea of "communing imagination". We encourage proposals that engage critical thinking on visual experimentation based on non-linear, multi-vocal or anti-authorative narratives.

Long Abstract:

Since the so-called phenomenological and sensory turn, transmedia experimentations have grounded the transformations of ethnographic practices in visual and multi-modal anthropology. This panel seeks to reassess the potential intersections between ethics and visual experimentation at a methodological, aesthetic and conceptual level focusing on the idea of "communing imagination".

For instance: collaborative and participatory strategies involving different media (image, sound, material infrastructures) and methodological strategies (as the use of fiction) may help us not only to better understand of how other people lives' transforms in a context of incertitude and increasing precarity but also to weave more ethical and deep relationships with participants in the research. In a similar manner, non-linear, multi-vocal or anti-authorative narratives may account of the instability of life in today's world -by reflecting at the same time the plurality of agents that intervene in an ethnographic research. Finally, in this workshop we establish an intimate link between the concepts of "hope" and "experimentation", since both point to the future and most precisely to the idea of "the unexpected". How can formal and methodological experimentation address issues related to the expectations, fears and reliability of the future? We encourage proposals that critically address the relation between ethical concerns and visual experimentations and transmedia practices in current anthropology. Our premise is that imagination is not solely an individual faculty but rather a common good which is enacted in our life with others. "Communing imagination", understood as a collective exercise of experimentation, is indispensable to build a more fair future.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 27 July, 2022, -