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Visual representation of crisis through ethnographic film  
Susanne Hammacher (Übersee-Museum Bremen)
Rolf Husmann (University of Göttingen)
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Humanities Lecture Theatre
Start time:
25 August, 2010 at
Time zone: Europe/London
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

This screening strand is an opportunity to showcase recent contributions from visual anthropology and filmmaking to represent and reflect on various aspects of crisis. The aim is to see how films themselves (as a stand alone medium) communicate as real or "imaginary" representations of crisis.

Long Abstract:

Ethnographic filmmakers in general and Film Festival convenors collaborating under the Caffe (Coordination of Anthropological Film Festivals in Europe) umbrella in particular are invited to submit recent ethnographic films (with preference made 2007 or after) reflecting, representing or responding on crisis. The convenors hope to showcase a variety of formats and styles (drama-documentary, participatory, observational film, applied visual anthropology including new opportunities for digital media in research and representation) which represents 'imaginative' ways of reflections upon crises. Films will be peer-reviewed and curated into a film programme, running alongside the conference workshop strand, giving filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their productions in full length.

Session 1: film 1; Session 2: films 2 & 3; Session 3: films 4 & 5; Session 4: film 6; Session 5: films 7 & 8; Session 6: films 9 & 10, Session 7: film 11; Session 8: film 12.

Accepted papers:

Session 1