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Accepted Paper:

Promise and Unrest  
Alan Grossman (Dublin Institute of Technology)

Paper short abstract:

Paper long abstract:

Separated from her daughter Gracelle at 7 months, Noemi Barredo left the Philippines for work in Malaysia to support her parents and extended family before arriving in Ireland in 2000. Filmed over a five-year period Promise and Unrest is an intimate portrayal of a Filipino migrant woman performing care-giving and long-distance motherhood, while simultaneously assuming the responsibility of sole provider for her family back in the Philippines. Through the camera lens and mother-daughter voice-over narration, the film observes the material and emotional dimensions of global care work, the transnational contingencies of Noemi and Gracelle’s relationship situated in a wider familial context, together with their reunion in Ireland and the beginnings of a domestic life together in the same country for the first time.

95' , 2010

Panel W104
Visual representation of crisis through ethnographic film
  Session 1