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Today the Hawk Takes One Chick  
The Filmstream

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<em>Filmmaker: Jane Gillooly (US)</em>

Amidst the highest prevalence of HIV in the world and the lowest life expectancy, three grandmothers in Swaziland cope in this critical moment in time. The generation between the grandmothers and their grandchildren has been severely effected by HIV. Today the Hawk Takes One Chick moves delicately between the lives of the grandmothers, whose experiences highlight a rural community at the threshold of simultaneous collapse and reinvention.

Through the poignant perspective of these women, the film creates a portrait of a community by layering discrete moments in time. The lives of the three grandmothers have been consumed by addressing the needs of their community while at the same time retaining the threads of the fraying traditional life.

As more and more insight into the women's lives is revealed, we are forced to ponder the question asked by granny Albertina: "What will happen when all the grannies are dead?"

72', 2008


Panel W104
Visual representation of crisis through ethnographic film
  Session 1