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Media Anthropology network workshop: the rewards of media 
John Postill (RMIT University)
Philipp Budka (University of Vienna)
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Auxilia AX1
Start time:
25 August, 2010 at
Time zone: Europe/London
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

The workshop explores the rewards (social, economic, symbolic, sensory, etc., cf Warde 2005) derived from engaging in specific media practices in different sociocultural settings.

Long Abstract:

This workshop is a sequel to the Media Anthropology Network workshop on media practices held at the EASA conference in 2006. Whilst on that occasion the aim was to theorise media practices in general, this workshop will focus on a crucial aspect of mediated practice, namely its rewards. As contemporary social worlds become ever more media-saturated - particularly after the huge surge in mobile phone uptake - questions arise about the considerable amounts of time and money that many individuals and groups appear to spend using, learning, sharing and making all kinds of media technologies (mobiles, blogs, wikis, radio, social networking sites, etc.). Presenters may wish to address questions such as:

- What are the rewards (cultural, social, economic, etc.) that people derive from engaging in media practices?

- Why do people around the globe devote scarce temporal and financial resources to media practices?

- How do people caught up in the global turmoil use media technologies to create new jobs, imagine future economic scenarios or 'forget' their financial woes?

Accepted papers:

Session 1