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Accepted Paper:

My name is Khan: crisis, media and imagination   
Elke Mader (University of Vienna)

Paper long abstract:

The Bollywood movie "My name is Khan" (Karan Johar, India 2010) represents and engenders various interconnections between crises and media. On the one hand, the story of the film evolves around 9/11 as a major crisis in the life worlds of Muslims in the US; on the other hand, the release of the movie in Mumbai was threatened by the Hindu Nationalist Shiv Sena party causing a minor crisis that involved various persons, political groups and media.

The paper wants to investigate how a mixture of old and new media technologies (movies, TV, and digital online media such as twitter or fan sites) interact in imagining, enacting, and consuming crisis and its representations. Furthermore, it shall analyse this particular interface of crisis/imagination as a set of practises that engages the Indian film industry, audiences, journalists, and politicians in interconnected media worlds.

Panel W068
Media Anthropology network workshop: the rewards of media
  Session 1