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Accepted Paper:

Youth, Families and Participation in Networked Public Culture  
Heather Horst (The University of Sydney)

Paper short abstract:

Youth today are growing up in world where social media, digital media distribution, and digital media production are changing the everyday landscapes of learning. This presentation focuses upon the rewards of learning in and through new media from the perspective of youth.

Paper long abstract:

Youth throughout the world are growing up in world where new media and technology are changing norms of communication, creation and participation. Building upon ethnographic research among American youth and families in Silicon Valley, this presentation will focus upon the rewards of participation in and through new media and technology. Specifically, I focus upon the ways in which youth participate in networked publics that enable opportunities for developing recognition, reputation, specialized knowledge and feedback that extend beyond their place-based knowledge networks. At the same time, I suggest that for many youth and their families in Silicon Valley, place and place-based networks play a central role in shaping how youth come to understand and value their participation in networked public culture. Understanding this interplay is thus critical to understanding the rewards of new media participation.

Panel W068
Media Anthropology network workshop: the rewards of media
  Session 1