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Imagined resources and governance of community 
Ben Campbell (Durham University)
Lorenzo Cañás Bottos (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
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26 August, 2010 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Socialities of material value are imaginatively at stake in the question of to what extent global capitalist demand becomes the dominant factor in communities' articulation with emerging politics of the environment. The flip-side alternative to market penetration is to declare places and their ecologies off-limits and beyond human use. Anthropologists can alternatively ask whether globally circulating narratives of cultural resistance to extraction/protection embolden attempts to challenge the imperialism of going-rate resource utility in favour of new trans-generational scenarios for low-carbon human and environmental welfare. The idea of resources has stretched rhetorically in late capitalism to require professions of ethics and responsibility, and enfold community resilience and possibilities for local control of benefit into the imagination of active environmental citizenries. The panel will invite ethnographic comparison of resources for culture, in the conflict over value of different landscapes, and what lies beneath them for corporate, state, and community legitimacies.

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